Emo Queen

The Joyous, hexagram 58.
Haha, she doesn’t look all that joyous. She looks a bit bored. But like all the cards she has a positive side and a negative side. She is receptive and reflective, open to all influences, and this makes her very popular, but also inclined to self indulgence. A glorious overdose of a card, as a friend of mine so aptly put it.

She is the Watery part of Water. As Crowley says:
“The characteristics associated with this card are principally dreaminess, illusion and tranquility. She is the perfect agent and patient, able to receive and transmit everything without herself being affected thereby…normally people of this type have no character at all of their own.”

Well, this is always the problem with being very Yin. I suppose you could say she was a Siren, and the extent of her powers over any individual are inversely proportional to the acceptance and manifestation of their own Anima.

“The softest thing on earth
overtakes the hardest thing on earth.
The non-existent overtakes even that
which has no interstices.
From this one recognizes the value of non-action.
Teaching without words, the value of non-action
is attained by but a few on earth.”
Tao Te Ching
(Wilhelm 47)

It is quite uncanny the correspondences between the Tarot and the I-Ching and the Tao Te Ching. It demonstrates the common core of human wisdom so perfectly. This common understanding really is like an ocean connecting us all together, which is why there is much power in this particular card. This wisdom does not originate in the plodding logical conscious mind but in the vast intuitive sea of the collective unconscious. This is why emotion should never be under rated as a force of nature or within the individual personality. I suppose I am being ironic calling her the Emo Queen. Embracing a derogatory label that is like a clue to the rationalist disease of Western civilization. The 666 of Yang unbalanced that has led us almost to the brink of destruction.

I am writing this here in the hope that I can make all this clearer in my own mind. Because it is high time I connected together the theory of my practice. The ocean is sweeping me on to the shore it would seem.

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