The Lovers

loversThe uniting of Sun and Moon refers to the integration of conscious and unconscious, spirit and soul, the individual and collective. One half of this card is lunar and one half solar, half night and half day. The bird in the day half is the soaring solar spiritual consciousness and its powers of flight, while the snake in the night half is an ancient symbol of the power of the underworld, the deep dark energy of soul. It is a fallacy that this division is in any way gender related because all aspects exist equally in every single individual, no matter what sex they manifest outwardly. This is why this card depicts the female half as the Sun side and the male half as the Moon side. In world mythology there are many more examples of Solar feminine/Lunar masculine attributions than are commonly realised and I wanted to break the pattern of false assumptions that have become universal. In the 21st century we no longer need to suffer outdated and irrelevant ideologies.

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