To fully realize the unique conscious individuality that is our birth right we need to be comfortable with our animal nature. The separation of humanity from instinctual life, although potentially very liberating, is also inhibiting. Our self awareness is a double edged sword that either destroys us or exalts us depending on how we wield it. Domesticated human beings are animals in captivity, having lost our our ecological niche in the wild. Bars and wire are not needed to contain us, our neuroses keep us prisoner. Our insecurity, our inhibitions, and our social embarrassment are all symptoms of this repression. To become aware of this fracture and to heal it and reconnect ourselves to our whole self as we truly are, gives us incredible strength and energy and boundless creativity. Overcoming our self limiting inhibitions and regaining a healthy Lust for life is intrinsic to our process of liberation as an individual. It is a manifestation of true enjoyment, or “jouissance”, a term which was used by Feminist writer Hélène Cixous to describe a mystical experience of sexuality that forms the basis of all creativity.

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