Justice © Sarah Wheatley 2015
An excerpt from my book about this card, which of course is the Libra card. Happy Super moon Eclipse!
“Lilith is derived from the Mesopotamian word Lilitu or spirit, and she appears in myth of Inanna as a resident of the Huluppu tree. Like the owl she builds her home inside a tree. The owl is has the ability to see in the dark and so is a symbol of occult wisdom and a guardian of the gateway into the Akashic realm or collective unconscious. It is a totem of the underworld, and a symbol of death, but also has the wings of spirit which lift it into the spiritual heights.The bird goddess is also a snake goddess and her origins are Neolithic. She is the original all powerful female deity who represents the entire continuum of life, death and rebirth.
Lilith is associated with the serpent and appears in the bible as the original partner of Adam who is unwilling to be submissive sexually and so is rejected by him. She can be interpreted as the untameable force of female sexuality being chased away by emerging patriarchal power. Justice is surely offended by the oppression and enslavement of half of the human race by the other half. Bringing the world back into balance will require the reacceptance of female power and sexuality, as represented by Lilith, the indomitable woman.”

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