The Wheel of Fortune


The Wheel of Fortune….I originally named this card Fate but then reverted to the traditional title because I didn’t see the point in confusing people. Its still all about Amor Fati to me.
Fate seems to be seen by so many people as utterly preordained, and while a lot of it is, there is plenty we can influence ourselves. The whole question of Fate is “to what extent are we the authors of our own destiny?”
The conscious mind is often like a passenger in our lives, limited to complaining and commenting, and at best enjoying the ride. So much of what we experience is engineered by our unconscious faculties, and yet often we don’t realise that. Fate ends up being other peoples fault, or the “worlds” fault. We just can’t see our own hand in it.
There is however a certain point in life where you either take the wheel in hand and become a driver, or submit completely to outside authority. Power is responsibility and also responsibility is power.

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