© Sarah Wheatley 2015
From my book…
“In a colloquial sense, the term Hanging refers to unstructured and apparently unproductive passing of time as well as the loss of control of a situation. Hanging may seem like a negative experience from a material perspective, as it usually involves the loss of status and possessions, but it’s actually a profound evolutionary process. A total inversion of perspective erases our restricting social imprints, habitual limitations and assumptions and allows a new potential for creative and personal development to emerge. All the superfluous and outdated aspects of the persona are stripped away so that the individual can be reborn. Even in a purely physical sense, the inverted poses of Yoga are often the most powerful and healing. A Yoga Inversion swing has to be one of the greatest tools for self liberation in existence. Hanging upside down decompresses the spine and allows the free flow of vital energy. The blood rushes to the head and refreshes the intelligence. The inversion experience is one of the reasons why the flying fox, an animal that roosts upside down is my personal totem.”

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