Asherah Tarot Third Edition

Greetings to you all!

I have decided it is time to rework the cards and reassess the means of production so I plan to withdraw them from sale and rerelease them a few months later in a third edition. There will be changes to a few of the cards that I have decided are not completely satisfactory and also a rethink of the container issue. A tin or a pouch of some kind and hopefully a hard copy of the revised guide book. I’m looking at releasing the third edition at the beginning of the Year of the Rat (next year), which will mark new 60 year cycle. I also want to try and improve the site situation as well so there is a lot to do. I am hesitant to name a release date yet because these things always take longer than you expect.

Please note that on Septembers full moon I will withdraw the second and first editions from sale in case you want to get a copy of any of them before they go.

I still do see the deck and the book as a work in progress, and so I intend to continue being an independent creator, and keeping total control of my creative content. Of course I won’t mess with the core images. I’m too lazy to go through all that again! But there are one or two cards that really need to change.

The last year has been rest and recovery time for me, essential down time after more than ten years intense work on the cards, followed by moving to the opposite side of the world, but now finally I am starting to regain my strength and inspiration for the task at hand. Leaving the city to live on a beautiful island has done wonders for my health and happiness and I now feel I can get to work again. 

I am so very grateful to all of you for your support and love over the years. The response to the release of the Asherah Tarot totally exceeded my expectations and it’s thanks to you all that I am now inspired to get back to work and make this deck the best that it can be.


Asherah Tarot Release 24th June 2017

Asherah Tarot Release 24th June 2017

Today I pressed the publish button at the exact time of the New Moon in Cancer and so now the deck is available to purchase from my Game Crafter Shop. The price is $66.99 plus postage (US Dollars). I have chosen the best quality printing options; the Linen finish and UV coating are really luxurious, and the deck comes boxed with a 20 page colour booklet. I have uploaded some photos of the cards over at my shop so please do go and have a look.

The release of this Tarot deck a truly momentous occasion in my life after all these years of work, but circumstances are such that I now have other pressing concerns to deal with. It’s as if the goddess knows that my task here is finally done and has now presented me with a back log of unfinished business to attend to. If she hadn’t taken matters in hand I probably would have gone on frittering and frootering for eternity. Thank you goddess! And a heartfelt thanks to all of you who buy my Tarot. I hope you will find it enjoyable and useful and healing. I hope it will give you as much strength and sanity as creating it has given me.

A 121 page pdf version of the user manual is included with your purchase, and it will be updated and revised regularly. I will share these updates with anyone who has bought a deck through Game Crafter. Currently it is a basic A4 version, with quite large type (for blind bats like me), but I plan to reformat it and expand on it when I get some time. Keep an eye out on my pages for announcements or join my mailing list. Eventually I will also design and release a hard copy version of the book. I have enjoyed the writing process almost as much as I did the painting and its been wonderful to be able to use my two skills on one project. Like most Geminis I like to diversify!

There will also be a Poker size deck coming by the end of the year and more merchandise, including Art Prints. In the next few months I will have limited online access so I may be quiet but I will try to check my email regularly and field all enquiries. When I ordered my copy I chose the cheapest international shipping option to Australia (UPS Innovations) and it arrived within a week in a very sturdy box once it had been printed, which I was happy about. The nature of Print on Demand is that they have to print it before they send it to you so that can take about a week as well.

Kind Regards