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Welcome to the Sarah Wheatley Shop Page!

I am now selling Fine Art Prints of my Tarot Cards supplied by a professional printer who produces beautiful high quality Art Prints. They  are made using archival rated raw materials sourced from reputable suppliers in the Gicleé industry (Hahnemühle German Etching Rag Paper and Lucia Pigment Inks), and I am told they look even better than the originals do.

In fact I am quite excited at the prospect of having more of them printed especially in the larger sizes.  My printer is a very sweet older lady who has a fine eye for colour and tone, being an artist herself, so I feel lucky to have found her. Of course you have to pay a little more for her expert services but I assure you, the results are well worth it.

I am willing to make prints of any of the cards in three different sizes:

A3 (approx 431 X 330mm)…$80 plus postage
A2 (approx 610 X 467mm)…$120 plus postage
A1 (approx 841 X 594mm)…$150 plus postage

Prices are in Australian dollars. Postage varies depending on your location and how many prints you order.
A2 and A3 Prints will cost $10 to ship within Australia, $25 to the United States and $30 to Europe.  A1 Prints require a much heavier tube, so will cost $20 to ship in Australia, $35 to the United States and $40 to the UK and Europe. If you live elsewhere I will have to calculate on an order by order basis. If you order more than one print I will combine shipping as far as possible and try to save you money.

All shipping prices do include registered mail though, because I don’t want my babies getting lost in transit.

Each print will be signed by hand and I will enclose a specially designed  Certificate of Authenticity for each print, for future verification. I won’t be limiting the number of prints I make of any given card, because my aim is for anyone who wants one on their wall to have one. The prints will however be numbered and dated. It may take a week or so turn around for me to process the card of your choice and get it to the printer, but be assured I will be as prompt as I possibly can. I take Paypal, or for those in Australia I will take a Bank Deposit.

You can contact me at to place your order.

Caring for your Gicleé Print

Higher light exposure levels (especially direct sunlight) will significantly reduce the display-life.

Use care in handling printed material, as surfaces are susceptible to abrasion. Store papers in archive quality envelopes, folders, and boxes. Use only archive grade tapes and glues for mounting & framing.

The framing under glass of Gicleé fine art prints is highly recommended. Help preserve the life of your gicleé prints by having them properly framed. UV protective glass will help protect from overexposure to UV light. The foam core backing for your print should be acid free, as should its mat border. (The mat should be 100% cotton rag. Your mat border should be thick enough to keep the gicleé from touching the glass (this places a layer of air between the print and the protective glass).

Don’t laminate it. Laminating a print is a very damaging process for the paper item involved. Lamination speeds up the aging of your print.

Gicleé prints should not be immersed in or come into contact with water or any other liquid. Doing so will cause your print’s ink to run.

Always store unframed prints in archival sleeves and boxes.

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